Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh the things you see...

when you but open your eyes.

I have noticed so many little things that God has been doing just to bless me, but here's a big one:

Last Monday it was our day off, so Abi and I planned out our day to get some things done and get blessed too. One of those things was laundry: we went to our apartment's laundry facility and while we waited we planned on sitting outside in the beautiful weather and getting in touch with some of our friends and family. So that's what we did. 30 minutes went by and our clothes were ready to dry. Some dryers were empty so we put in the loads we could, but the rest were full - and there was no one around. Another 30 minutes went by - no one came to claim their laundry, but we patiently waited.

Not soon after, the man who services the machines came in and started working on some of them. He did that for a while and then noticed us, having been there the whole time, and asked if we needed to dry any clothes, if so, he would start the machines for us. We mentioned how we were waiting for people to come back and empty the dryers with their stuff in it. The service man then proceeded to take their things out and place them in neat piles on the counter and started the dryers for us to use so we wouldn't have to wait anymore.

One detail that took place before the man came was this: We have to pay for every load, obviously, but we ended up having more loads than we originally thought. By the time we needed to start drying things I looked into my little change box and looked at Abi and just casually mentioned, "I think we only have enough for one more load." (And I knew we had at least three loads to dry.)
That was the extent of my thought on the matter. It didn't occur to me that we wouldn't be able to dry all our clothes. We just kept waiting for the dryers, kept enjoying the company of one another, and God blessed us by this man and his generosity to start the dryers for us - for free.

God provided for us, and He can and will provide for you. Be on the look-out :)

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